I have the following piece of code:

l('<div class="magnifier gradient"></div>' . $image, $link_path, array('html' => TRUE, 'attributes' => $attributes))

Which creates a nice link, as it should be. Now I want to add a rel-attribute without getting rid off $attributes (because I need that one). I have Googled and tried a lot, but nothing seems to work. So if anyone can help me with just adding a rel-attribute without deleting the other attributes, I would be grateful!


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If I understand you right you just want to add the rel attribute to the $attributes array before you call l(). Something like this:

$attributes['rel'] = 'the_rel';
print l('<div class="magnifier gradient"></div>' . $image, $link_path, array('html' => TRUE, 'attributes' => $attributes));

That will add the an item to the $attributes array with a key of rel and a value of the_rel, and won't affect any of the other attributes already in the array.


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