I am using the following code to set a variable "tab1visibility" from the twig tweak value for field_hidden based on a block id. {% set tab1visibility = drupal_field('field_hidden', 'block_content', 7) %}

This works perfectly but returns the value with the expected markup.

When I try to use |striptags on this newly created value it returns nothing.


{% set tab1visibility =  drupal_field('field_hidden', 'block_content', 7)  %}


returns true or false wrapped in my typical field div templating.

{% set tab1visibility =  drupal_field('field_hidden', 'block_content', 7)  %}


returns nothing no markup or the raw value.

How do I get just the value without the surrounding markup?

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A field formatter stores the field object inside of the render array for reference later, so that you can still access the raw values:

{% set field = drupal_field('field_example', 'block_content', 1) %}
{% set value = field['#items'].0.value %}
{{ value }}

This is the same for all field formatters.

Your approach might also work, if you |render the field first and then apply |striptags:

{{ tab1visibility|render|striptags }}

But not in a consistent way, because it depends on the specific field type and the configured field formatter.

  • The first option was exactly what I was looking for thanks @4k4 ! Mar 18, 2019 at 20:01

I suppose the markup comes from field.html.twig template. You can override that template for this field in your theme. Another approach is to turn off the theming like follows.

{{ drupal_field('field_hidden', 'block_content', 7)|without('#theme') }}

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