I have over a dozen languages on my site and we use Json:Api since it's a decoupled drupal. Problem is that I can't figure out how to get the translated node values from the Json:Api response.

The Json:api url is as follows:


And it returns all the data with the relationships for the two extra fields included, but how do I request the data for a translation??? (almost each node has been translated into each of the available languages)

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    Have you tried simply (e.g.) https://mysite.com/fr/jsonapi/node/{bundle}/{uuid}?include=field_image,field_taxanomy. If not that, replace with whatever language negotiation method you're using in the Drupal site – Clive Jan 14 at 12:02
  • @Clive Well i feel stupid :) Thanks. That's the correct answer – lordZ3d Jan 14 at 12:05

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