I have a custom content entity for which I needed to change the type of one of its fields.

Following the example on Updating a base field type, I wrote code to update the base entity, which updated perfectly. However, all revisions have null values, including the current revision. Even though the data is stored in the base_entity table, it's not stored in the base_entity_revision table.

How do I modify hook_update_N() to also update the revision tables?

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In addition to updating the main table, you also need to update the revision table, so the following changes should be made:

  1. $id_key = $entity_definition->getKey('id'); becomes $id_key = $entity_definition->getKey('id'); $revision_id_key = $entity_definition->getKey('revision');
  2. $table_name = $storage->getDataTable() ?: $storage->getBaseTable(); becomes $table_name = $storage->getDataTable() ?: $storage->getBaseTable(); $revision_table_name = $storage->getRevisionDataTable() ?: $storage->getRevisionTable();
  3. $status_values = $database->select($table_name) ->fields($table_name, [$id_key, 'status_field']) ->execute() ->fetchAllKeyed(); becomes $status_values = $database->select($table_name) ->fields($table_name, [$id_key, 'status_field']) ->execute() ->fetchAllKeyed(); $status_revision_values = $database->select($revision_table_name) ->fields($revision_table_name, [$revision_id_key, 'status_field']) ->execute() ->fetchAllKeyed();
  4. $database->update($table_name) ->fields(['status_field' => NULL]) ->execute(); becomes $database->update($table_name) ->fields(['status_field' => NULL]) ->execute(); $database->update($revision_table_name) ->fields(['status_field' => NULL]) ->execute();
  5. foreach ($status_values as $id => $value) { $database->update($table_name) ->fields(['status_field' => $value]) ->condition($id_key, $id) ->execute(); } becomes foreach ($status_values as $id => $value) { $database->update($table_name) ->fields(['status_field' => $value]) ->condition($id_key, $id) ->execute(); }

    foreach ($status_revision_values as $id => $value) { $database->update($revision_table_name) ->fields(['status_field' => $value]) ->condition($revision_id_key, $id) ->execute(); }

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