My taxonomy View lists all revisions grouping by different columns, by adding revision fields for each value, and get the filter "published" removed. The only filter is: city name (not null).

For example:

| London | Roma |

| value 1 | value 1 |

| value 2 | value 2 |

As you can tell, people can add different city data by making new revision of the taxonomy. It works perfect, except one thing - If people want to revise an existed City, he will need to make a new revision, which will duplicate the city name on my View (resulting two columns of a same city).

Is there any way we can hide the elder column if city name duplicates? I just want to keep "London & Roma", not "London & Roma & London"

There is no luck with Views Distinct & Views Field Compare, those two modules won't help. Same with built-in Aggression.

Thanks. Drupal 8.9.

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I changed the view to Grid layout, grouping by City, so that I can hide every views-col in each group except the last one, by css control:

.views-view-grid .views-row .views-col {
.views-view-grid .views-row .views-col:last-child {
display:inline-block !important;

It works. But wondering if there is any other way.

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