When I translate a taxonomy to other languages, I cannot use it in autocomplete term-reference fields.

The auto complete field will show items only in the default language; if I try to fill the form from another language, nothing shows up in the field when I type.

It happens only when I use the autocomplete widget.

I am using Drupal 7.15.


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Are you using 'Entity Translation' or the core 'Content translation'?

I think the sub-module Multilingual select (from Internationalization) should handle this for 'Content translation' (didn't test it, though).

But for Entity Translation, this doesn't seem to work (yet): see Entity translation and the Multilingual select i18n submodule interactions and Language aware edit form and autocomplete.


read this "Localize terms show always the default language" . but I personally suggest you don't translate terms, you can add both terms in you vocab . terms_data table impproved in Drupal7 and handle very much terms charmly.

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