I'm having hard time using Views with i18n Views. What gets me very irritated is that the translations of global fields (headers, footers, etc.) get lost whenever I make changes to that View. I would feel more comfortable if I could somehow permanently attach to a view some custom data, variables, i18n string arrays, and use them both in Views UI and tpl files.

I would imagine to declare a variable named %my_footer and provide its translations in a module. Then, in a footer I imagine being able to enter something like <h3>This is %my_footer</h3> or call in a tpl file by saying something like ` and have it rendered in the current translation.

The only thing I would hate to compromise on (as instructed by many users here) is to use PHP code in Views UI text fields.

So, is my scenario possible? I just love to have a single data source...


If you're comfortable in code, you can do that with Panels and ctools contexts.

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