I have view that displays a users nodes. When you view "my account" it displays all the nodes you created in a view. However when viewing another user's profile, you don't see the node's that they added, instead you still see your nodes. Is this something I would need to set up with views and rules?

tl;dr How can I create a view that displays user specific content on their own profiles.

X user's content on X user's profile
Y user's content on Y user's profle

EDIT Answer: Drupal 7 views, filter by owner

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To list content owned by a user you can:

  1. Create a View that lists content
  2. Create a Page Display within that view
  3. Configure a "Contextual filter" for "Content: Author UID" and set its "When the filter value is NOT in the URL" setting to "Provide a default value", then select "User ID from URL" for the "Type".

If you only want to limit a certain user, you can select the filter criteria of User: Name, or User: The User ID, whatever suits you.

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