How do I make it so Drupal doesn't automatically show latest content on frontpage?

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One way -- possibly the easiest way -- is to create a page containing whatever you want to be displayed on the home page, then going to www.yoursite.com/?q=admin/config/system/site-information if you're using Drupal 7 (or www.yoursite.com/?q=admin/settings/site-information if you're using Drupal 6), and then changing Default front page from node to node/1 (assuming the page you created was normally located at www.example.com/node/1).


The best way depends on what you want on your home page.

If you want a page of content, then creating a node and setting it to the home page at admin/config/system/site-information is the best way.

However if you just want a page of blocks, with no node content, there are better ways. This is because creating a blank page and assigning it to the home page is a bit of a hack, and it means the system is wasting resources doing the node load and everything else that goes with it, for an empty node.

So instead you could use:

  • Panels - Add a panels page and assign blocks where you want them.
  • Empty page - Allows you to create empty pages, by assigning them a path and a page title. You can then assign blocks using drupal core blocks or using the context module.
  • Front page - Allows you to do a bunch of things, like set the home page content, or set the page to use for the front page. The only real reason to use this one is that is allows different front pages per role. So if for example you want a different home page for logged in users, use this module.

Then after you have one of those module set up, you can set the front page to your panels page/empty page at admin/config/system/site-information.

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