I've searched around for any pre-existing solutions to tackle this problem but so far nothing obvious. Here is basically what I'm after:

1) User enters keyword(s) via core search box

2) If user enters a specific keyword from a list of pre-determined keywords, redirect them immediately to a specific URL/node, e.g:

switch ($keyword) {
    case 'brand a':
    case 'brand b':
       do a regular keyword search . . .

3) If their keyword doesn't exist in the pre-determined list, shuffle them off to the standard Drupal search

Any ideas on how to best accomplish in Drupal 7?

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If there is only a few you and you don't need any advanced matching you can add a path alias for the search path pointing to the preferred page.

E.g. searching for brand a gives you the path search/node/brand a. This path you can add as a path alias at admin/config/search/path/add pointing to a node of your choice.

For more advanced matching (and a more solid solution) you should probably hook into hook_search_preprocess() and do something along the lines of your example code.

  • Thanks both of these worked great -- we actually ended up overriding the core search with a views-based search, and used a views preprocess hook for the redirects and we were able to automate it all by matching terms from a particular vocab and redirecting to the relevant taxonomy term panel.
    – broeker
    Commented May 2, 2013 at 22:06

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