Using Views 3.

I have User view and here, list all user by post count. It's working. But I want, ignore admin user post count in this view. How can I filter my views to not show admin in the view list?

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  1. Add a filter criteria of type User: Roles,
  2. Select the operator Is none of:
  3. Select Administrator from the listbox.
  4. Save the settings

This will block the display of all the users with role as administrators. If you only want to limit a certain user you can select the filter criteria of User: Name, or User: The User ID, whatever suits you.

  1. Add a filter "user id: uid"
  2. In the filter settings, select "not equal to" and put in 1 as value. Similarly if you want any other user excluded, please add the corresponding uids.

I am not having a set up with me right now, so the labels might not be exact, but please keep looking for similar options as i had mentioned in the filter settings.


Create a filter in the in views as following:

  1. Select the filter: User: The user ID
  2. Select the operator: Is not equal to
  3. Enter the Value: 1 ("Enter the user of the admin i.e 1, or the user id of any user whose post you want to hide")
  4. Save the view

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Note: If you want to hide the post of particular role instead of particular user than instead of selecting the filter as User: The user ID select the filter as User: Roles and select operator as Is none of and than select the all the roles of user whose post you want to hide.


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