I am trying to add additional field to nodes. I could add the field but I can't find a way to add its title. I have implemented the hook_node_view . My code is

function cso_node_view($node, $view_mode, $langcode) {

  $node->content['my_additional_field'] = array(
      '#markup' => "additional field",
      '#title' => "additional title",
      '#weight' => 1000

The title is not appearing where the node is being printed. How can I add the title for this additional field?

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As far as I know there's no generic #title property (it's certainly not mentioned in the render array docs); forms use them, but I don't think extends to any render array.

#prefix would be the way to go:

$content['my_additional_field'] = array(
  '#markup' => "additional field",
  '#prefix' => "<h3>Title</h3>",
  '#weight' => 1000

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