$nid = arg(1);
  $arg0 = arg(0);
  if(isset($nid) && is_numeric($nid) && isset($arg0) && $arg0 == 'node') {
    $node = node_load($nid);
  $theme_img = file_create_url($node->field_page_cover_image[$node->language][0]['uri']); //origional image path
  if(isset($theme_img)) {
    // print styled image
    print theme('image_style', array('path' => $node->field_page_cover_image[$node->language][0]['uri'], 'style_name' => 'page_theme')); 

I am using the above code to load styled image (from node 6) in page.tpl file. This is working fine in all the pages but when I am trying to load images from individual images by using '$nid' it is not working.
I don't understand what I made mistake in code due to which I couldn't get the value of '$nid'. Please help.

  • Why are expecting $nid as a global variable or if not your above code is not showing how you are using $nid. – arpitr Dec 30 '13 at 6:14

I guess you want to replace the "6" by the current nid of the page. If so, you could use this code to get the nid of the current page:

$nid = arg(1);
$arg0 = arg(0)
if(isset($nid) && is_numeric($nid) && isset($arg0) && $arg0 == 'node') {
  //If you're using devel
  //If not

But as stated by Jeet, if the code is specific to one content type, you should do this in a node--mycontenttype.tpl.php and not in the page.tpl.php

  • Thanks Matt. Due to your code I could get the node ID but getting some error on node page which doesn't have field "field_page_cover_image". Please see the updated code above. – Suresh Alagar Dec 30 '13 at 11:49
  • The modified code works fine in pages which has images uploaded. It doesn't work on pages which doesn't have image field or uploaded image. – Suresh Alagar Dec 30 '13 at 11:54

As you are looking to edit/override node template, it is suggested to place your changes into node.tpl.php where you will get $nid as out of the box. page.tpl.php will not give you node variables by default.

If you still you want to get your code on page.tpl.php you can get $nid from url like arg(1).

Let me know if I miss anything!


If you want to use $nid variable in your page.tpl.php, you can add that variable to be available in the page.tpl.php by implementing hook_preprocess_page() in your theme's template.php. In your implementation of the hook_preprocess_page() you have to add a key 'nid' to the $variables array. Eg: $variables['nid'] = the_nid_you_want;. After you have saved the changes, clear the Drupal cache and the $nid variable will now be available in your page.tpl.php

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