If one creates a platform and chooses to preserve the working copy, does this initiate a .git clone that the aegir user from CLI, could update and merge branches to?

Create a new platform:

Drush make option:

  • Normal - Discards SCM files

  • Working copy - preserves SCM files

Where is the working copy directory?

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The 'Drush make option' field in the Aegir user interface (when creating a new platform based on a makefile) simply determines whether or not the --working-copy option is passed to Drush make.

The --working-copy option for Drush make "preserves VCS directories, like .git, for projects downloaded using such methods." (source: Drush.org)

Passing the --working-copy option leaves the .git directories intact (as if you had done a manual git clone) and hence allows you to pull in updates, etc. However, this is not the recommended way of updating modules in Aegir, so the 'Normal - Discards SCM files' option is preferred.

The aegir_make_working_copy module provided this functionality for Aegir 1.x, before it was merged into Aegir core 2.x.

  • great so if I "put" the theme in the profile, the libraries and even the modules (why not?*rhetoric question) the developers with the right version control keys could "update css files and work on Features" right from their shell (that's almost all you need to manage a hosted site and invent three other jobs!) and pull their own branch, anytime, at wish. thank you. that was the piece missing.
    – Mau
    Commented Feb 25, 2014 at 11:20

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