I've been looking around for instructions on how to show the node count for taxonomy terms, and, while I did find instructions on Views and node count for taxonomy terms, it wasn't exactly what I need. The terms and their counts do show up next to each other quite nicely (Ex: Term A(13), Term B(2), Term C(17), etc.). However, they only show up as an unformatted list.

I need them in a grid form. Although I did play with the settings for quite a while, I wasn't able to get it work, and didn't find anything else on the web that fixed the problem.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


If you import the view proposed in that answer, you will get a table with 2 columns: term name on the left, number of nodes on the right. That's a block, not a page, but that's a good start for your needs, IMHO.

Read this to learn how to import views.

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