I'm trying to apply this to each block in a region:


He is generating zebra striping per div here, which is fine, but I'm wondering how I would apply this to each block in a given region.

Would I use something like block_list($region)?

This code is supposed to go in template.php

function likemind_zebra($id = 'global', 
                     $odd_class = 'odd', $even_class='even') {
  static $cursor = array();
  if(!isset($cursor[$id])) {
    $cursor[$id] = 1;
  return $cursor[$id]++ %2? $odd_class: $even_class;

I'm just trying to figure out how I would get it to apply to each block in a region, rather than the whole region.


A $block_zebra variable is defined within the block templates to allow for the ability to zebra stripe them in a region.

See hook_preprocess_block() for more info.

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