Hi I'd like to alter some of the CSS on the Commerce Kickstart theme, but when I try to create a sub theme by following these instructions https://drupal.org/node/819170 I end up with an unformatted theme. This isn't what I want, I want to alter the current Kickstart theme but from the sites/all/themes subfolder.

I've created a subtheme based on omega, omega_kickstart, but these leave me with no css formatting at all.

I've copied the profiles\commerce_kickstart\themes\omega_kickstart folder to my sites/all/themes, renamed the info file etc.. this left me with partial formatting.

one thing I noticed from the dom entries is css come from various folders, i.e. alpha, omega.

anyone know how to create a successful subtheme here?

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I followed all 10 steps at this article in detail to get a fully functional boilerplate subtheme for the Commerce Kickstart Theme in just a couple of minutes.

In case the article goes offline, you can find a mirror here.

Info :

How to subtheme the Omega Kickstart Theme

Posted by sja1 on August 4, 2013 at 12:31pm

Hi guys, first off thanks for the all the work you've put into make Commerce Kickstart such an oustanding platform. I wanted to create this issue in order to help those who are having trouble creating a subtheme of the commerce kickstart theme. There is good documentation for subtheming omega, but I had a harder time finding information on subtheming a subtheme of omega (Commerce Kickstart is a subtheme of Omega Kickstart, which is a subtheme of Omega). With some trial and error I have come up with the following procedure which is working for me, and thought I'd present it to the community for others to benefit from and hopefully improve upon. All comments welcome.

Steps to subtheme Commerce Kickstart theme

[ For the detailed 10 steps, go to one of the two provided links ]

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This is the only solution I've found so far, feel free to add a new answer to improve on this answer.

create your new css file in


edit this file:


Add this detail (below the similar global.css entry):

css[customcss.css][name] = 'custom Css file'
css[customcss.css][description] = 'All my stuff'
css[customcss.css][options][weight] = '12'

now add this to the same file(again below the similar global.css entry):

settings[alpha_css][customcss.css] = 'customcss.css' 

now within your drupal site, clear your cache (Site settings>configuration>performance) now engage your new css file in the appearance>settings>toggle styles, from here you should see your new css file entry. tick this. and you're good to go.

This answer was discovered with the help of this question/answer How to add custom css file to subtheme of omega kickstart theme?

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    Yep that's how sub-theming works, if you want to add a new css file you need to declare it in the .info file
    – Clive
    May 2, 2014 at 11:37
  • @Purplemonkey : Follow all 10 steps in my answer below to create your own subtheme boilerplate. If you want more advanced behavior, create your own hooks. Check out drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/96063/… for an introduction on how to create hooks for your subtheme and where to put them. May 20, 2014 at 15:58

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