I have a Drupal8 site on my hosting account. I created a copy from the database; I create a copy of the code.

Both the copies I used should be a copy of my production site. I imported the SQL into a new database. I changed the settings of the copied Drupal code to point to my new database.

When I go to the browser and look at local install I can only get to the install page.

Can anyone please point out where I am going wrong?

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You have a problem with your settings.php file.

  • Check if the name is correct.
  • Check if the database is set correctly.
  • Try to access in command Line to the database.
  • Check rights of your files.
  • Try to clear the cache with drush cr.
  • Perfectly right, working nicely
    – Uwe
    Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 7:02

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