On a local machine

drush features-revert-all

will convert all features to codebase definition. On a local machine ...

drush -y

will auto-yes any command. On a local machine

terminus -y command

will auto-yes as well.

But when combined, even

terminus -y drush -y yoursite.dev -y features-revert-all -y

... will still ask for a key-press.

How can it be forced to run non-interactively?

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You need to add a -- separator to your command. The options for Terminus come before this marker, and the options for Drush come after.

In other words:

terminus -y drush site.dev -- features-revert-all -y


In programs that support it, -- means "all of the options that come after should be treated as arguements". The command terminus drush passes all of its arguments through to Drush.

  • This works for me. Awesome!
    – user18099
    May 22, 2017 at 10:22

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