I've been looking for a module that allows something like ask the expert with these conditions:

  • A registered user U uses a form to submit the question. Anonymous users do not have access to this section.
  • The expert E is notified of the new question by email.
  • When E answers the question, U is notified by email.
  • U can only see the questions asked by himself/herself (with their respective answers). No regular user can see the questions asked by other user, or the answers given to other users.
  • An administrator A can see all the questions and answers at all times.

The modules faq and faq_ask seem like an option, but I can't use the traditional FAQ format, since that format allows all users to see all questions. The module question is not available for Drupal 7.

Is there anything like what I'm describing? If not, is there any way of modifying, for example, the faq module, so permissions will work the way I want?

Thanks in advance!


The question_answer module is probably what you want. I used to make a private Q/A for registered users on a site. All the "workflow" you talk about can be done via either the workflow module, drupal actions or the Maestro module ... I'd give Maestro a shot only because I haven't used it.

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  • Thanks! I will try what you say, though it might take a while, since I haven't used any of those modules before. – Janoma Mar 20 '12 at 2:44
  • just food for thought. You could make a taxonomy for "expertise" and use something like the Relation module to build a relation of User <- is an expert -> Expertise so you have a list/pool of people to get emails (or to make a drop-down of people to select as your Experts to whom a question should go to). Relation is more of an API than an easy to use UI based module, where for instance Maestro is pretty damn user friendly for your use-case I think ... – tenken Mar 20 '12 at 3:46

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