I try to create a multilingual (3 languages, incl. English) website, and I’d like to create a language dropdown switcher (ideally in the top panel/menu). I tried to accomplish this using Flags, and Language Dropdown Switcher, but couldn’t display it though. It presume, I just don’t know how to add it in a block; although I could find the Language Dropdown Switcher in the block and add it there, but it did not show up. I could set the Flags up in the Configuration, but I did not find it in the blocks.

How do I install/enable/place a language dropdown switcher (preferably Flags, but this is not a condition)? It would be awesome (again: this is not necessary) if this switcher would be in the top panel and that it would contain country flags only (not the language as text).

Drupal 8.5.6 with configuration translation, content translation, interface translation and language enabled and the particular languages are already added in the configuration.

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I believe Flags does not integrate with Language switcher dropdown (contrib module) it only integrates with the core language switcher block

Here is some alternatives

1. Language Switcher Dropdown + languageicons

  • Install both modules
  • Go to config > regional and language > language icons and choose

    Icon placement
    Before link
    After link
    Replace link

  • Go to Structure > block layout add Language dropdown switcher block to your desired region

2. Bootstrap Languages

Compatible with bootstrap based themes only

  • Install module
  • Go to Structure > block layout add Bootstrap Language switcher block to your desired region

3. dropdown_language

With this module icons have to be setup manually using css


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