The commerce_webform_order module (currently in dev status) recently changed one of its dependencies from Webform 5.x (stable) to Webform 6.x (alpha). I want to temporarily freeze commerce_webform_module so that Composer keeps it at a particular git commit just before the dependencies changed. I've done this successfully in the past by following a post here but I can't get it to work this time.

I've tried doing
composer require drupal/commerce_webform_order:1.x-dev#30668342035ae3add3a2e5163e84816fc96edd92
or adding
"drupal/commerce_webform_order "1.x-dev#30668342035ae3add3a2e5163e84816fc96edd92", in my composer.json file and I've tried shorter versions of the commit hash (30668342) as shown on the drupalcode.org project here.

I keep getting this message

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.
- Can only install one of: drupal/webform[6.x-dev, 5.19.0].
- drupal/commerce_webform_order 1.x-dev requires drupal/webform ^6 -> satisfiable by drupal/webform[6.x-dev].
- Installation request for drupal/commerce_webform_order 1.x-dev#30668342035ae3add3a2e5163e84816fc96edd92 -> satisfiable by drupal/commerce_webform_order[1.x-dev].

What might be causing this? What's changed in the last 6 months since it worked for me on the same module last time?

Can you think of any other work-around that allows me to update everything else without pulling in this latest change and the dependency for an alpha version of Webform?



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composer require drupal/commerce_webform_order:dev-1.x#30668342035ae3add3a2e5163e84816fc96edd92

dev-1.x points to a git branch so it accepts the commit ref

1.x-dev is dev release at drupal.org and it does not have git commits to reference like that


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