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path pattern catalog category - 'category / [term: name] / [term: tid]' To display the product catalog categories set view 'catalog_view' with parameters:

Page settings: path: 'category /% /%', where the first argument - raw name term, the second argument - id term. The Contextual filters are two filters:

1) Global: Null

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2) Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)

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I need to first parameter of the Drupal path ignored, and the second was used for the filter. But it is impossible.

When outputting through a "Preview with contextual filters:" everything is OK, displays all products in the category (for example, 'category / Tables / 109').

But when you enter the same path in the address bar - miracles. Shows the correct goods category (products with tag id = 109) but is used template 'page - taxonomy - term.tpl.php'.

If an error in the name of the category (for example, 'category / Tab - les / 109') displayed products with tag id = 109 and used our view 'catalog_view'.

Question two:

1) How do I get on the category / Tables / 109 displayed view 'catalog_view' (ignore the path catalog and filter the first argument to the second argument).

2) How Drupal can trace routing? For example, I set the path 'category / Tables / 109' and I would like to see how the first through Drupal alias returns the path taxonomy / term / 109 like looking for a match this way what the views. As it is all a matter amenable to debug?

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