I'm trying to get the Media module (and it's dependent WYSIWYG module) working on an Acquia Cloud environment. Normally, this isn't too bad locally but Acquia has a strange file structure that is giving me some headaches.

I have installed and activated both WYSIWYG along with Media but neither are working correctly. WYSIWYG needs CKEditor to work and wants it to be included in sites/all/libraries (outside of the normal modules folder). Acquia doesnt give you access to add in libraries like that.

Media isn't showing the library when a user accesses a content-type with an image field that use's Media's 'Media file selector' widget.

Im guessing a lot of this is due to path problems, but the only documentation Acquia has about their file structure is here (and this mostly pertains to the files folder - not core + contrib paths): https://docs.acquia.com/cloud/files

So my question is two fold:

  • How do you get CKEditor into an Acquia Cloud instance with the WYSIWYG module?

  • Why wouldnt media show its library? Am I leaving another module out maybe? Path issue?

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Short answer: turn off livedev in your Acquia Cloud dev environment.

Longer Answer: I was trying to drush my modules and do basic site building in their environment using the livedev option. But they don't let you run mkdir and scp live in their environment via CLI.

Their recommended workflow will have you add your modules/libraries locally, commit via git and then push up to their environment.

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