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Migrating 2 fields into a link field

Custom process is the answer (as it usually is): Migration: source: plugin: d7_paragraphs_item bundle: BUNDLE process: d10_link_field: plugin: field_link_custom source: d7_link_field ...
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How can I export all webform structures?

node export is a first option it gives array( (object) array( 'vid' => '3593', 'uid' => '1', 'title' => 'test', 'log' => '', 'status' => '1', '...
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Can we migrate and keep the same user, taxonomy, and node IDs?

The default is to migrate and keep the same ID. Look at web/core/modules/node/migrations/d7_node.yml, and you can see the nid: tnid line. id: d7_node label: Nodes audit: true migration_tags: - ...
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