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For D7: Under the Configuration -> Search and Metadata -> Search_API and then go to the Algolia Index and Filters tab (path will be like: /admin/config/search/search_api/index/algoliaindex/workflow, where algoliaindex is the machine name of your Algolia index), then under Data Alterations->Enabled data alterations check the URL field box. This ...


Normally the internal links /taxonomy/term/% are not used anymore, because all links Drupal puts on the page are aliased. If you want to prevent having multiple paths for the same page you can install From the project page: D8: Maintaining a canonical path and redirecting alternative URL's like non-aliased path, ...


I've created a module and is busy adding it to Drupal site. The code is available here for download. The intended use of the module is to redirect GUEST / ANONYMOUS users when they access content in Drupal using URL /node/{id}. Many sites make use of URL ALIAS and don't want users necessarily to scan content out of ...


You have a typo in your services.yml file, you misspelled arguments. Additionally, for a service, you don't need to (and shouldn't) define the create method. Your dependent services are injected from services.yml, but keep your constructor as is. The only time you need to define the create method to inject dependencies is when working with plugins, ...


Sorry it was a spelling mistake argumrnts: ['@pathauto.generator','@pathauto.alias_cleaner'] should be arguments: ['@pathauto.generator','@pathauto.alias_cleaner'] Do not need even create method but got confused.


The "Sub-pathauto (Sub-path URL Aliases)" module also does the trick (and has an official D8 version as well).

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